Do You Need to

Retreat & Recharge, to Re-emerge Refreshed?

Share in this amazing 4-night getaway at Wybalena Organic Farm in Beautiful Byron Bay Hinterlands

Thursday September 23rd - Monday September 27th 2020 

Give yourself permission to stop and reset for a better rest of your year.

Limited spots remaining, please contact us ASAP if you're interested!

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A Retreat Designed To Elevate Your Health

Our retreats are focused on maximising health through the approach of The Chief Life Code. Improve your Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Mindset, Breath Work, Hydration & Light Therapy

An All Inclusive Stay

With Optional Classes

Live Off The Land

Enjoy food straight from the organic farm. Produce from the yard to your plate. 

Plus we cater for your food needs!

Daily Yoga

Enjoy daily optional yoga classes with Stacey. Join in as Stacey takes you through an experience for the mind, body and soul. 


It's not all about the venue. We also want to show you how to strengthen your mind and brighten your world through meditation.

Educational Classes

We will be running actvities and interactive workshops throughout the weekend, focused on the 7 Pillars of Health Code and how to use them to your advantage, as well as Biohacks for these 7 Pillars (shortcuts and tools to help boost you to your best you!)

Enjoy Some Down Time!

Apart from being decked out with awesome living quarters, the farm also has an infrared sauna, magnesium pool and rolling hills for hiking!

Farm Yard Fitness

Enjoy daily optional Farm Yard Fitness sessions with Matty. These will be suitable for all skill levels. No one is too young, old, tall, small, thin or wide to join. It's a great opporunity to give back to the land.

Group Cooking

Enjoy the opportunity to cook nutritious, nourishing lunch meals together with your fellow retreaters on Friday and Saturday.


You won't only walk away with the gift of rejuvenation... We also have some super cool gifts to give you on the retreat to take back into your life to always keep a little bit of The Chief Life Retreat with you.


"What a truly majestic 4 days. As I mentioned my main aim was to detach from work and reconnect with myself. Not only did this happen but I also came away with a truly profound feeling of being in a position to take control of my life and of what’s important. The retreat really honed in on what’s behind the 7 Pillars, in particular, that my mindset is in my control, which sounds so simple and for some reason hasn’t been. I went in with an open mind to absorb as much as I could, loved Stace’s yoga practice but most of all how you both shared yourselves with our group and the passion and love you have. This was truly inspiring. Not only was this a highlight but it has enriched myself and I’m sure the other guests.

I have lots of take outs and will continue to learn and grow. I’m already working to decrease blue and green light, (although I’m working late tonight as I’m on the road tomorrow) Looking forward to meditation now and soon to grasp the benefits of oils and regular yoga." - Jase

"Last weekend I had such an amazing and eye opening experience on my first ever retreat. On day one before yoga I picked up a card that read VISION QUEST. It resonated with me as it read, ‘take time away from people and situations. Withdraw. Inner truth is emerging in stillness, but first you must retreat. Know that you are guided. Trust that you are being directed’. A timely reminder during a period where there are so many questions and self- doubt. I learnt that I’m so far away from where I want to be but heading in the right direction surrounded by amazing people. I learnt that it is okay to disconnect and take time away from my life and to take time to explore the depth of my soul, that self care/love is important and okay. Thank you to the souls I met, the laughs, sharing your stories, accepting me for my introvert self, allowing me to share some of my story and the new friendships gained. Wouldn’t have happened without the beautiful souls @bubbly_stace and @mattyafter from the @thechieflife Thank you for providing such a safe space to be still, and everything you do each day for the TCL tribe." - Noran

Bedding Arrangements


Wybalena offers a range of architecturally designed accommodation totaling 13 bedrooms and 16 beds, a purpose built yoga studio which comfortably holds 20 people, a 20 seat dining table, infrared sauna and saltwater pool.

Days Until The Chief Life Retreat

We recommend you book your spot as soon as possible as it's first in best dressed. We will accept a deposit to hold your spot. Payment options are available. Email for more information on how you can set your payment plan up!

Thursday September 23rd - Monday September 27th 2021