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Dads from all over Australia are becoming 'Lean Machines' Dropping weight that they've held onto for 10+ years!

I was a 2 carton a week drinker - Damo Chief Dad!

Damo lost 12 kg in just 8 weeks!

Damo’s my name. I was a 2 carton a week drinker whilst still doing CrossFit every day, I was going nowhere with my training, weight loss, sleep and general health. I’ve not slept better since my 20s, I couldn’t imagine you can actually sleep that well haha, I went 8 weeks with touching a drop of alcohol, my training is next level and actually enjoyable.  

I was contracted with the QLD Bulls Cricket Team from 1999-2007 and attended the AIS for cricket in 1999 and 2000 I can honestly say I’m more proud of what I achieved and learnt in the last 8 weeks than anything I did playing cricket, I’ve completely overhauled my life and I did this on my own, I learnt to cook, use a slow cooker, meal prep, make healthy slices. I can’t thank you personally enough, your company and the support you've given me!  

- Starting weight was 138kgs with a waist measurement of 131cm, current weight is 115 and the waist is 106cm  

- Medicated for high blood pressure for the past 5 years and after the challenge was told by my doctor I was “normal” with the best and most consistent my blood pressure has been even while medicated. Currently not on medication.  

- My GGT result in my liver blood test dropped from 72 down to 24, the main reason your GGT is high is due to large and consistent alcohol consumption.

I started with a 200cm waist - Mark Chief Dad!

114cm lost off my waist!

I started with a 200cm waist as pictured on the left and dropped to 86cm waist, as pictured on the right. I changed to The Chief Life way of living by changing my food, training habits and mindset. It’s so easy to implement and I have so much more energy… I’m so happy have the energy to be able to play with the kids - Mark

Not only did I start to lean out, I also saw massive strength gains - Adrian Chief Dad!

ADRIAN - 36, Ipswich, Father of 3, Full time plasterer:  

After 28 days on my meal plan from Matty & the TCL team the transformation was already huge (pictured left and middle). Not only did I start to lean out, I also saw massive strength gains!

This photo (far right) shows my now at 7 months following The Chief Life way of eating and I’m still loving it! Thanks guys for helping me to find my love of fitness again and gifting me youth to be with my kids wholeheartedly by changing my food!

Energy levels are way up - BRAD Chief Dad!

BRAD - 4 kg in 4 weeks!

Starting weight 101kg… down to 97kg  

Waist/ belly 106cm down to 99cm!  

Energy levels are way up… and that’s something for a shift worker without coffee!  

Looking forward to continuing!

I'll let the photo do the talking - NOAH Chief Dad!

Noah - In Just 6 weeks!

The photo on the left was 6 weeks ago, on the Friday, the morning after we kicked off the program.  

On the right was yesterday, 6 weeks later.  

Huge shoutout to The Chief Life! Thank you!

8kg down in 30 days - Mick CHIEF DAD!

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